Sports Letters: In defence of groundhoppers

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Sir: Why does Damian Tyrrell from Bedlington imply (Letters, 13 Oct) that non-League groundhoppers are 'as mad as a badger'? Hasn't he read Wind in the Willows? Or is this a variation on 'off your Brocker'?

Non-League groundhoppers are - by and large - as fine a group of men as ever consulted a railway timetable. Here in the North-east the Federation Brewery Northern League has for the past three years organised a Groundhoppers Weekend at Easter, each time attracting hundreds of the freewheeling fraternity from Britain and beyond.

The fourth weekend, 14-16 April 1995, is already planned. Mr Tyrrell will be particularly glad to hear that on Saturday afternoon it includes the mighty Bedlington Terriers, thereby saving him the treacherous journey up the road to Blyth. We look forward to welcoming him, your readers and maybe even one of your reporters.

I will happily provide further details. Badger baiting, however, is forbidden.

Yours, MIKE AMOS Richmond, North Yorkshire 15 October