Sports Letters: Kendall has the right experience

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Sir: Much has been written about the prospect of Terry Venables becoming the new England manager - 'the people's choice' (I cannot remember anyone asking my opinion); 'the players' choice' (were they all canvassed?) and Armfield's choice (I thought headhunting was shrouded in secrecy). According to many sports journalists his appointment is imminent.

I hope that the England selection committee, before making their final decision, give due consideration to the qualifications of Howard Kendall, the former Everton manager.

He has the necessary experience; a professional player since the age of 17; he appeared in the FA Cup final at that age; a member of the successful Everton team in 1968-70 period; FA Cup runners-up 1968, League championship winners 1969-70.

As a manager of Everton he helped create a remarkable revival in their fortunes, guiding them to League, FA Cup and European Cup-Winners' Cup success. He then moved on to Athletic Bilbao, gaining international experience.

I consider Howard Kendall to be an intelligent and articulate man, well able to handle professional footballers and the world press with equanimity.

Apart from his qualifications and experience, there are another two factors which stand in his favour. He is available, and to my knowledge does not have a sword of Damocles in the shape of possible legal action hanging over his head.



Orsmkirk, Lancashire