Sports Letters: Limited coverage

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Sir: The Independent has demonstrated, with Richard Weekes's report on the New York Yankees (27 March), its commitment to coverage of Major League baseball. It is a pity that it appears that your readers can read about baseball, listen to it (if they can pick up the faint American Forces Radio signal), but will not be able to watch it on TV this season. Channel 4 covered baseball for a few seasons in the late 1980s. Cable and satellite viewers had access to regular coverage, including live broadcasts of the World Series, but this may have ended with the demise of Screensport. Apparently Major League baseball's international marketing arm will try to place at least this season's World Series with domestic networks in Europe, but it appears unlikely that BBC, ITV or C 4 will provide coverage for UK fans. Following baseball has always been difficult for British fans. What can be done to make the TV sports bosses think again?

Yours faithfully,



27 March