Sports Letters: Lions logic

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Sir: Having read the Lions selection for the summer tour to New Zealand, I am somewhat mystified by the logic used in reaching this decision.

It is clearly right that one result (Ireland beating England by 14 points) should not totally alter all that has gone before. But when we look at the season as a whole we find the following: a poor performance against Canada followed by victory over South Africa which looked like being a defeat for the first 40 minutes. In the Five Nations' Championship they had a fortunate victory over France and an unlucky defeat by Wales, a good win over Scotland and a bad defeat by Ireland. By no stretch of the imagination is this a team which is the dominant side in the northern hemisphere - as we have been told. It would appear that it is the England versus Scotland game which is being used to decide selection for the Lions.

The England cricket selectors got their choices badly wrong for India and Sri Lanka and the side suffered accordingly. In selecting a team based on performance in '91 and '92 and taking some players who are no longer good enough, I fear they may suffer a similar fate.

Yours faithfully,


St Austell, Cornwall

23 March