SPORTS LETTERS: Little England at Lord's

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Little England

at Lord's

From A K Henry

Sir: It is a shame and a disgrace that the West Indies are denied the sights and sounds of many of their loyal followers when playing Test cricket in England.

English reception of the West Indians' expressions of support seems to have pushed them to the brink of extinction. Conch shells and drums banned, tickets restricted and seats reserved, resulting in approximately 1,000 black supporters in a 28,000-strong crowd on the first day of the second Test at Lord's.

Red Stripe apart, not one stall catered for black food or drink choices. None of the mango sellers, ice vendors and peanut pushers who used to service our tastes are now allowed. One Englishman I met reminisced about the loss of the atmosphere and camaraderie that used to characterise West Indies-England Tests at Lords.

Yours faithfully,


London, N1

27 June