Sports Letters: Millmoor ranks among the best

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Sir: Mr J Preston's letter (28 January) recounting his visit to Millmoor, Rotherham was read with sympathy. As a supporter of Notts County, I too have ended up at the less glamorous football grounds around the country, indeed up until this season Meadow Lane was one of them.

I would, however, take issue with the suggestion, that quality of stadia is responsible for the fans fighting and urinating in public: 'treat people like animals and they will behave like animals'.

The pub I frequent before matches recently played host to a number of supporters from Newcastle (interestingly enough Mr Preston's team). Rather than walk a few paces to the toilet and queue, one of the visitors unzipped his trousers and urinated over a row of seating. This action was initiated prior to even seeing the stadium.

I'm afraid Mr Preston, that even if you treat people like people, some will still behave like animals.

Yours sincerely,



28 January