Sports letters: National stadium for fans or image?

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Sir: Any so-called sour grapes in respect of the national stadium are, I feel, quite justified.

Of the 20 football teams in the Premier League, only five are from the London area while nine are from cities in the north of England. Since the Premiership began, all of the winners of the League have been northern teams. The last two FA Cup finals have been between two northern teams whose fans have no doubt had to incur considerable expense in travelling down to London to see their teams play.

I also thought that the North was the home of rugby league, with the major teams, such as Wigan and St Helens, dominating the game.

Surely the Football Association and the Rugby League should be more concerned with the fans who support these sports throughout the season year after year instead of trying to impress the international bodies in their attempts to attract international competition to this country.

By all means improve Wembley's facilities, but the North's contribution to domestic sport deserves to be acknowledged.


Astley, Greater Manchester