Sports Letters: No returns

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Sir: In light of the recent drama made out of the Arsenal v Sheffield United game, I must share with you an event that I had totally forgotten about which I saw in a football programme last night. I quote: "Manchester United, the best team in the land, desperately going for the championship, are being urged on by captain Steve Bruce. Unfancied Chelsea, in our first season under the management of Glenn Hoddle, are 1-0 up at Old Trafford. Mark Stein suffers a bad ankle injury and gets carried off. There are only a handful of minutes left. Chelsea have kicked the ball out so that Stein can be treated. United take the throw-in to re-start and fail to give it back to Chelsea. They want that title so much. Chelsea fans boo in disgust." It is 1994. Chelsea win 1-0, United win the title. I wonder whatever happened to Steve Bruce?


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