Sports Letters: No sting needed for the tail

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Sir: Mr J Lalljee (Sports Letters, 3 March) is wrong in asserting that Devon Malcolm needs no protection. Not long ago, a former Lancashire batsman, not a 'rabbit', was killed by a blow over the heart and a New Zealand Test bowler narrowly escaped death after being hit while batting. No cricket lover wishes to see such incidents repeated.

Even a batsman of Malcolm's calibre must connect occasionally and, being strong, strike a boundary or two. This is not evidence of skill sufficient to protect him against the directed attack to which he was subjected by Walsh. I am not unduly squeamish, but this was both sickening to watch and completely contrary to the spirit of the game.

Good bowlers do not need to terrorise tail-enders to dismiss them, as Walsh belatedly demonstrated.

Yours faithfully,


Twickenham, Middx.