Sports Letters: Of beer bores and questionable intent

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Sir: I must take issue with Paul Hayward's view of the recent England Amateur XI versus Australia match at Radlett (1 May). In contrast with Mr Hayward I was unable to find the spirit of village cricket and certainly did not find the atmosphere civilised. Tea and cake were not widely available outside the pavilion and hospitality tents from where I suspect your correspondent did not stray too far. My day was spoiled by being sandwiched between a group of Englishmen and a group of Australians who like Merv Hughes emptied 'a few tubes' throughout the day and by mid-afternoon were more concerned with trying to start a 'wave' than watching any cricket. I left the match early, like many around this part of the ground, soon after the tea interval rather than remain and be abused by both, extremely inebriated, sides for not joining in with their antics.

I am a regular supporter of cricket and have only experienced this kind of behaviour at England matches. I have a ticket for one of this year's Test matches which is likely to be my last if faced by this kind of bullying and intimidation from drunken morons. I would suggest that in reporting on cricket matches your correspondents leave the quarantine of the hospitality enclosures and experience watching a match from where the paying public, who provide a major part of the game's income, view the proceedings.

Yours sincerely,


Harrow, Middlesex

4 May