Sports Letters: Selling football

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Sir: It is apparent that the 'marketing boys' have succeeded in convincing Fifa that football is not fast enough and therefore not acceptable for public consumption in the United States. Difficulties with World Cup '94 exposure through the medium of television makes it obvious that serious financial problems have arisen and therefore, to protect investments, rule changes are necessary to foster the game in America.

Hence the experiment with a kick-in instead of a throw-in. What else can we look forward to? Time-outs to suit TV coverage? Specialist substitutes to be used at any time during play? Points instead of goals? Scores awarded for near-misses, corner kicks, etc? The game divided into four quarters? Draws eliminated with results guaranteed every match?

Sounds ridiculous, but we started down that road from the moment that Fifa decided they wanted a slice of the mighty dollar.

Yours faithfully,


Shepshed, Leics

5 February