Sports Letters: Snob tendency

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Sir: Thank you for reinforcing my views on the "glory seekers" who believe that the only football worth watching is League, or preferably Premiership football.

Alan Edge's article on non-League football ("Man marked by an anorak", 15 March), even taking into account its attempts to be humorous, was patronising. If he really believes that non-League games are just the preserve of "anoraks" he can't be going to many non-League games. The vast majority of non- League fans are totally normal and support teams who are connected with where they live or were born. They get as much enjoyment as any League fan and treat the game with more humour and realism.

Mr Edge should use his weekends off from blowing pounds 30 to see "real" football to go and patronise someone else! At your local team, you'll get a warm welcome, enjoy the mistakes, and have some fun. If you want to sneer, stay at home.


Woking Supporter and proud of it!

PS Well done on your Non-League Notebook. Keep up the good work.