Sports Letters: The loss on the Tyne

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From Mary Garfitt

How does Olivia Blair know that Newcastle have the right man for the job ("Sir John Hall's dream of winning the championship", 18 January)? Does she know something that we do not? Did she spend last week with Mystic Meg?

The Geordies have the sense, and the humility, to keep an open mind as to Dalglish's ability "to make a success of anything''. The Geordie lass to whom she referred has every right to feel "gutted". We all felt gutted when Kevin left the club. He was loved and respected on Tyneside.

We had, in him, a class act - nothing to do with him being or not being a Geordie. He had the passion of Henry V, the nobility of Hamlet; he was loyal, brave, eloquent, exciting and most of all, sexy. These are rare qualities in a football manager. That is why we are all gutted, Olivia. That is what we had - now let's take a look at what we've got. I rest my case.


Whitehaven, Cumbria