Sports Letters: Wombledon '95

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Sir: As a confirmed sports fan who has had to endure many hours of complaint regarding my excessive viewing of the World Cup I now find myself forced to voice my disapproval with Wimbledon '94.

The problem lies not with the coverage, which is as professional as always, but with the game itself. It's just too boring] The BBC are doing their best by introducing Sue Barker but unfortunately this is not enough. What Wimbledon needs is glitz and excitement, particularly during periods of rain. Luckily the solution is close at hand as well as being very British in nature: The Wombles.

A cute and cuddly logo, endless merchandising and the perfect theme for a half- time show. In addition, with ball boys dressed as Orinoco and umpires as Uncle Bulgaria, I fully expect the increase in toddler viewing figures to produce a long-term revival in British tennis.