Sports Letters: Wrong pigeon-hole

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Sir: Although I would never be caught dead in 'ski jacket and trainers' (lest I be arrested by the fashion police) I do feel that, as a non-member of the hip flask and sheepskin brigade, being the younger side of 30 and, yes, drinking beer before the match, I am one of the 'new England supporters' referred to by Alan Watkins in his article (2 February).

I can advise Mr Watkins of the following. I am au courant with the new put-in law (any dissatisfaction I might express over a put-in decision is not directed at a referee, but because, in my opinion, the law is an ass). I do not whistle as the opposition kicker prepares to go for goal and I do not even sing the national anthem. As a republican I simply stand for both anthems in respect for those who do.

As for what I do for the rest of the week, well why don't you ask Mr Watkins to give me a call? Then we could discuss the 'perils of thinking by stereotype' over a pint.

Yours faithfully,


London, W4

2 February