SPORTS LETTERS:Levy on transfers

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From Mr M Shackel

Sir: I do not believe for one moment that the majority of rugby clubs wish to turn back the clock and halt the move to professionalism.

Surely the election of Cliff Brittle was a signal that there is more to the world of rugby than the top 11 clubs and the national squad, important though they are to the game, and to the media.

What the middle and lower order clubs (as supposedly represented by Mr Brittle) want to hear is some encouragement from the RFU and perhaps a decent share in the projected bonanza should it ever materialise.

There are various ways in which a desirable fostering of the rank-and- file clubs can be achieved. I would suggest one move. A levy on any professional club signing a player from an amateur club whether that player is to be paid or not. The levy, fixed at say pounds 2,000, to go direct to the "feeder" club.

Yours sincerely,


Sanderstead, S Croydon

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