Sports Listings: This Weekend / Surfing: European Championships - Thurso

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There has been plenty of surf this week at Thurso in the north of Scotland for the start of the European Championships. When conditions are favourable, Thurso offers some of the best surfing in Europe, though also some of the coldest. France, the defending champions among the 13 nations, which include Switzerland, start favourites for the team title, despite the cold water. How Israel will fare is another matter. The Mediterranean sea was 24C when the team left. In Thurso, the water is 12C. Four sites have been allocated, depending on wave conditions each day: Thurso East and Harbour Reef in the town and Brimms Ness and Sandside Bay, four and 10 miles west of Thurso.

How to get there: Thurso, Highland Region, is on A882 from Wick or A895 and A9 from Inverness. The opening ceremony is tomorrow and competition starts at 9am on Sunday, continuing to Saturday. Details of the daily venue can be obtained from the marquee headquarters in the car park at the pierhead in Thurso.