Sports Politics: SA Games doubts

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(First Edition)

LEADING South African sports officials are having talks with the African National Congress in effort to gain the organisation's approval for the country's continued participation in international competition.

The ANC called for South African sports groups to withdraw from international events, including the Olympic Games, after the massacre of 41 people in Boipatong township two weeks ago.

Yesterday sports officials had a two-hour meeting with the ANC's national working committee.

Cyril Ramaphosa, the ANC's secretary general, said they had discussed how sports bodies could 'contribute to the process of ending violence and realising the desire of the majority of South Africans for a democratic, non-racial society.' Further talks are expected today and Ramaphosa said the ANC would then make a decision.

Sam Ramsamy, head of South Africa's National Olympic Committee, said his group was not planning to pull out of the Barcelona games, but would discuss the situation with the ANC before making a final decision.

Cameroon yesterday cancelled their football tour of South Africa, sheduled to begin on 5 July.