Sports Politics: Walker to chair new Sports Council: Rugby League chief appointed successor to Yarranton

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RODNEY WALKER, chairman of the Rugby League, was yesterday named successor to Sir Peter Yarranton as chairman of the Sports Council, writes Mike Rowbottom.

Walker, who takes over on 1 October, has been chairman of the Bradford Hospital NHS Trust since 1991, and he will be expected to bring stringency and cost-awareness to bear as he supervises the forthcoming reorganisation of the Sports Council.

When the new order is in place next year - with a UK Sports Council presiding over separate national bodies - Walker will take over as the first chairman of the newly constituted English Sports Council.

In his letter of appointment, the National Heritage Secretary, Stephen Dorrell, says Walker's task will be 'reducing bureaucracy and concentrating resources where they can more effectively be used for helping grass roots sports.'

The English Sports Council will be responsible for administering sport's share of National Lottery funds.