Sports Quotes of 1992: It just isn't cricket: 'The England selectors are absolute dunderheads'

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I would have hoped the team would be selected on quality and experience, but it seems these things are not important any more. I badly want to play for England. I just don't want it to end like this. David Gower, rejected by England's selectors for the tour to India.

The England selectors are absolute dunderheads and must be called to account. Lord Gilmour.

I don't expect them to resign. They seem to have hides like rhinoceroses. Dennis Oliver, member of the campaign to reinstate Gower, on Ted Dexter, Keith Fletcher and Graham Gooch.

I do think the MCC people are carrying things a bit far. I've not had much of a postbag on the matter. This is just a knee-jerk reaction. Dexter on the reinstatement campaign.

I wanted to call it Endangered Species but they settled for The Autobiography. Gower, on his book.

I know how they do it, but I won't comment on whether it's fair or unfair. . . They are the best pair of swing bowlers I have seen in all my years of the game. Micky Stewart, England team manager, on the ball-doctoring allegations against the Pakistani bowlers, Waqar Younis and Wasim Akram.

We are amazed that a fellow professional has stooped so low as to make such unfounded comments in the papers. We can only guess at Allan Lamb's motives for his article in the Daily Mirror, but we hope that they are nothing so base as money or, even worse, our nationality. Waqar and Wasim reply to Allan Lamb's ball-doctoring allegations.

The three H's - Hack, Hooligan and Hallucination - must apply to the British Media. Letter to the Asian Times on press criticisms of Pakistan.

How can the English insult me like this? The complaints come only when we win. Waqar.

We will not appoint Alec if there is the slightest doubt that he will get us embroiled in this sort of thing again. We've been taken to the cleaners by the umpires on four occasions. I couldn't care less if other clubs are doing it. We've cheated and we've been caught. It's horrid. We have to stop it. Derek Newton, Surrey chairman, on Alec Stewart's captaincy in the light of the county's warning for ball-doctoring.

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