Sports Quotes of the Year: Farewells and final partings: Verbal volleys, wars of words

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God has strengthened his side but weakened ours. Jimmy Tarbuck at the memorial service for Bobby Moore at Westminster Abbey.

The whole country should have a minute's silence. Terry Venables.

Ted has been wondering about his position for some time. He is a sensitive person. Alan Smith, TCCB chief executive, on Ted Dexter's resignation as chairman of selectors.

In nearly five years he has done absolutely nothing for English cricket and has lost all credibility. Geoff Boycott on Dexter.

Regardless of how he performed, he was the first person in your dressing-room afterwards. Not many people can do that, me included, if you have had a bad day. Allan Border on Ian Botham.

It's like living in a hole. Brian Clough, former Nottingham Forest manager, on retirement.

He's like a breath of fresh air and someone just closed the window. Dan Peterson, former basketball coach, laments Michael Jordan's retirement.

I'll have one quiet pint - and 15 loud ones. Gareth Chilcott, after his last game for Bath.