Sports Quotes of the Year: Hard men, hard battles: Verbal volleys, wars of words

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It was the most horrific sight I've seen in 18 years of football. You couldn't tell it was Gary lying there. His eye was twice the size of a golf ball. Micky Hazard, the Spurs midfielder, on the injury to Gary Mabbutt caused by John Fashanu's elbow.

We're professional sportsmen in a professional sport. These things happen. Mabbutt.

I find it difficult to understand why forwards do not know they are treading on someone's head. But if players are trying to kill the ball they can expect a bit of a reminder, a bit of a shoeing. Geoff Cooke, England manager, on the injury Phil de Glanville sustained against the All Blacks.

When I saw my shoulder was somewhere down by my biceps, I knew something was wrong. Ian Hunter on the dislocated shoulder which forced him to return from the Lions' New Zealand tour.

I never thought of taking him off, even with a broken nose. They're nothing. I tried to get one throughout my career because it adds character to your face. George Graham, Arsenal manager, on Andy Linighan, whose goal won his side the FA Cup.

I don't know whether my nose is broken or not, but I've also done my finger so I won't be picking it for a while. Linighan.