Sports Quotes of the Year: Scams and scandals: Verbal volleys, wars of words:'I've even stuck my Amstrad satellite dish in the dustbin'

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I feel like the guy who shot Bambi. I am not an egotistic loony. Alan Sugar, Spurs chairman, after sacking Terry Venables as chief executive.

I have nothing to hide. Venables on the FA and Inland Revenue investigations into the club's affairs.

I won't be making a nuisance of myself. You won't see me hanging round the car park with a dog-end in my mouth. Venables.

We're 100 per cent behind Terry. I've even torn down my Amstrad satellite dish and stuck it in the dustbin. Neil Ruddock on the sacking (Sugar owns Amstrad).

We want T, no Sugar. Banner held up by Sarah Ruddock, Neil's wife, during demonstration outside Sugar's home.

Spurs without Terry is like Westminster without Big Ben. They should rename Tottenham Hotspur 'Tottenham Venables' for everything Terry has done for the club. Paul Gascoigne.

I feel like Robin Hood - feared by the bad, loved by the good. Venables.

I don't understand what all the kerfuffle's about. Football managers get sacked every day of the week and Terry Venables has been at the club six years, not since 1882. Managers come and go. Alan Sugar, Spurs chairman, after being called 'Judas', 'traitor' and 'barrow boy' by fans outside the High Court.

World in Action are amateurs playing in a professionals' world. They should stick to finding Ken Barlow a new girlfriend in Coronation Street. Sugar on the Granada programme on his club's affairs.

People would meet Mr Clough in a motorway service station and Mr Clough would be handed a bag of money. In an affidavit, Sugar implicates Brian Clough in the 'bung' affair.

I didn't get a penny. The last time I was in a motorway service station I went for a wee. Clough.

If Sugar thinks he can just walk in and take West Brom's manager, I'll be down the motorway in my car like an Exocet and blow up his bloody computers. Trevor Summers, West Bromwich chairman, after Sugar approached Ossie Ardiles to replace Venables.

He is being treated like a hostage, alone in his cell, without light, without television, without visits, without mail. Thierry Herzog, lawyer to Jean-Jacques Eydelie, one of the Marseille players accused of match-rigging.

I'm sickened. It's a lynching. Bernard Tapie, Marseille president.

Are there any matches that are not fixed? Magistrate investigating the affair.

I think so. Eydelie.

They're feeding me to the dogs. Have I got to commit suicide before they believe me? My life is ruined. My life is hell. Jean- Pierre Bernes, Bernard Tapie's assistant at Marseille, after his suspension for his part in the scandal.

It's not enough to catch a stable lad with a smoking syringe. Roger Buffham, head of Jockey Club security, on the difficulty of bringing convictions for doping.

People working for bookmakers would pay a minimum of pounds 5,000 to have a horse doped. Bookies were the only people who stood to gain. You couldn't really say no. I've had a gun put to my head. The Needleman, anonymous character on BBC2 programme On The Line, on administering a 'stopping' drug to at least 20 horses shortly before they raced.