Sports Quotes of the Year: Wit and women: Verbal volleys, wars of words: 'He gets my daughter and I get tickets to the internationals'

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It is like pushing an elephant up a hill. Terry Coates, head of the women golfers' European Tour, on the struggle for recognition.

The days of women's cricket being seen as a knicker parade must be over. Norma Izard, manager of England's World Cup winners.

It's a fair swap. He gets my daughter and I get tickets to the internationals. Mike Carter on Heidi's engagement to rugby union's Tony Underwood.

I hope she (Gill) can do the thing right. Don't even ask about missing the Masters. I'm confident my wife can produce on time, even if I have to take her for a rough ride in the Porsche. Nick Faldo, hoping childbirth would not affect his participation in the US Masters.

I leave when I need to change. It's like being with a woman. When you've got nothing left to say to her, you leave. Eric Cantona, of Manchester United, on his record of eight clubs.

Their bucksome (sic) blubbery bodies played havoc, with their running becoming turtle-paced. And the crowd shouted at them to go back home. Egyptian Mail on the Egyptian women's football team's 17-0 defeat by Russia.

I'm going to carry on until I'm 96, then I might have four years' retirement. Jenny Pitman, racing trainer, 47.

When Chris first suggested it I thought he was drunk. Jayne Torvill on her return to competitive ice skating with Christopher Dean.

I'd take you on over a hundred yard race any time. Martina Navratilova, to reporter questioning her fitness.

A dream creation whose eyes radiate like diamonds, whose hair shines like silk. Gunter Parche, who was given a suspended sentence for stabbing Monica Seles, on Steffi Graf, the object of his affections.

Could someone please come and check on Kathy Rinaldi's knickers? Call to Wimbledon headquarters from official monitoring the 'predominantly white' rule.

My father's coaching me, so no blaspheming on court. Clare Wood, of Britain; her father George is a clergyman.

I washed it. Conchita Martinez on why her skirt, which had infringed Wimbeldon's all-white regulations, was allowed two days later.

I left because I was not going to throw up on court. Arantxa Sanchez Vicario, on her abrupt departure from court during defeat by Helena Sukova.

I got to the point where I would have offered Sue Barker and Ann Jones wild cards. George Hendon, tournament director, after leading players pulled out of the Autoglass Classic in Brighton.

He's not fat, he's lovely. Wimbledon ballgirl on Andre Agassi.

He's better hairy. Emma Langham, 16, on Agassi's body shave.

How could he shave it off? Natalie Bawarshi, 15.

He looked much more of a man, much more of a hunk when he was hairy. Without the hair he looks like a feminine little wimp. Nicola Whittaker, 17.

Now he's even more gorgeous. I love the Chippendales because they are really smooth-looking and with his great suntan he's every bit as lovely as them. Louise Howes, 21.

I don't have much body hair either. Martina Navratilova.