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Yorkshire's Simon Parke has followed up his return to the postion as the national No 1 with promotion to No 5 on the new world ranking list issued yesterday. The world champion, Jansher Khan of Pakistan, maintains his domination of the No 1 position but by the smallest margin in more than three years.

WORLD RANKINGS Leading positions: Men: 1 Jansher Khan (Pak); 2 R Eyles (Aus); 3 P Nicol (Sco); 4 C Walker (Eng); 5 S Parke (Eng); 6 J Power (Can); 7 A Barada (Egy); 8 B Martin (Aus); 9 D Harris (Eng); 10 Zubair Jahan (Pak). Women: 1 S FitzGerald (Aus); 2 M Martin (Aus); 3 C Jackman (Eng); 4 S Wright (Eng); 5 S Horner (Eng); 6 L Irving (Aus); 7 C Owens (Aus); 8 S Schone (Ger); 9 C Nitch (SA); 10 F Geaves (Eng).