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Q. Some Italian football clubs in Serie A sport roundels on their shirts. What is the thinking behind this?

A. The green, white and red roundel is worn on the shirt of the current Italian Cup holder, which is Fiorentina this year. The present League Champions, Juventus, wear a shield in the same colours. There are also the "stars", awarded for winning at least 10 consecutive League championships: Juventus wear two, Milan and Internazionale one. If this applied in Scotland, Rangers would have a galaxy on their shirts. - Ted Manzocchi, Milan

Q. Why do many evening football matches now kick off at 7.45?

A. There are two reasons: first, to enable the away team and their supporters extra time to arrive in case they get caught up in road works or traffic. Second, to enable the home supporters to either come straight from work or go home for a meal first. - John Adler, Manchester


Q. Thinking of recent Cup upsets, when did the last non-league club score more than four goals against league opposition? - Richard O'Brien, Leeds

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