Stefan Everts stripped of victories in British round of 250cc world championship

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Stefan Everts, of Belgium, has been stripped of his victories in the British round of the 250cc world championship for using non-standard fuel. France's Frederic Bolley was stripped of his sixth place from the same race, and Jose Del Barrio, of Spain, was fined 1,000 Swiss francs (pounds 553), both for the same offence.

WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP STANDINGS (revised): 1 M Bervoets (Bel) 307pts; 2 T Vohland (US) 256; 3 S Everts (Bel) 214; 4 J Karlsson (Swit) 168; 5 Y Demaria (Fr) 153; 6 P Beirer (Den) 153; 7 W Dewit (Bel) 152; 8 A Bartolini (It) 151; 9 F Bolley (Fr) 133; 10 P Tragter (Neth) 117.