Strawberry meals forever

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Sacrilege is being committed at Wimbledon this year, but it's all in the interests of good health.

For the first time in the tournament's 120-year history, strawberries are being served - not with cream, but with yoghurt.

Keeping trim does, however, have its price at Wimbledon, with the yoghurt option, at pounds 2.80, pounds 1 more expensive than the less healthy dish with cream.

"It's a move towards healthier living," Frank McCartney, the Operations Director of the caterers, Town and Country, explained.

"We are constantly updating our service for spectators at Wimbledon and after experimenting last year we knew there was a demand.

"Each year, two days after the tournament ends, we hold a major review of catering and this was one of the options we thought of."

Yesterday, on the first day of the championship, almost four times as many spectators were still sampling the strawberries with cream.

McCartney's 1,400 catering staff expect to sell two tonnes of strawberries during the Wimbledon fortnight and 285,000 cups of tea and coffee.

Another addition to the Wimbledon catering in 1996 is pizza. "After the war," McCartney said, "people were content to eat whatever came in front of them.

"But in the 1990s things have changed, so Wimbledon must change as well."