Sweet outcome for Tart

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Q. Frankie Dettori has recently won a record seven races at Ascot. But has any horse ever triumphed in more than one race in a single day?

A. On 17 September this year two fillies with the same name both won. Tart (Fr) won the opening race at Yarmouth, while Tart (without a suffix) landed the last race at Sandown Park. - Joe Keaney, Manchester

Q. In racing, I am a little confused over the description of filly and mare. When does a filly become a mare, and conversely, when does a colt become a horse?

A. A filly becomes a mare and a colt a horse when they reach the age of five. All racehorses share the same birthday, 1 January, irrespective of when they were foaled. - Pete Ratcliffe, Tyldesley

Q. In cricket, why did the term "pinch hitting" come into being?

A. Pinch hitting in cricket is the elevation of a hard-hitting lower order batsman to opener in a one-day game to boost the early run rate. The term is inaccurately borrowed from baseball where a pinch hitter is any substitute batter, usually the pitcher, who, under certain conference codes, is not required to bat. - Rob Marshall, Danbury, Essex


Q. Is the waiting list to become a member of the MCC the longest of its kind in the world? What are the qualifications? - Kevin Maguire, Batley

Q. Once upon a time, every Football League goalkeeper, with the possible single exception of Grimsby Town, wore a green jersey. Was this a League or Football Association law or was it just the fashion? Grimsby fishermen believed that green was an unlucky colour. - John Hutchings, Bedford

Q. Why do many evening football matches now kick off at 7.45 instead of 7.30? - Tim Mickleburgh, Grimsby

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