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The Australian governing board yesterday called on the sports ruling body, Fina, to ban Chinese swimmers from international competition for four years, adding that China should not be re- admitted until it could prove it had put in place effective out-of-competition drug testing and that swimmers were free of performance-enhancing drugs. The international federation said last week at its meeting in Bangkok it had found no proof of systematic drug-taking among Chinese swimmers, though seven were banned for two years for offences at the Asia Games in Hiroshima in October. At the Bangkok meeting, The Chinese delegate, Mei Zhenyao, handed Fina a letter, saying five coaches whose charges had tested positive for drugs had been fined and banned from domestic and international competition for one year.

JUNIOR INTERNATIONAL (Crystal Palace): Winners and selected: Boys: 100m butterfly: 1 M Ohlim (Swe) 57.00sec; 2 D Coombs (GB) 57.23.100m breaststroke: M Parati (It) 1:05.81. 100m freestyle: M Rosolino (It) 52.58. 200m backstroke: S Theloke (Ger) 2:05.83. 200m individual medley: Theloke 2:06.71. 400m freestyle: S Pohl (Ger) 3:57.60. 400m individual medley: J Jou (Sp) 4:34.38. 4x200m freestyle: Italy 7:37.74. Girls: 100m backstroke: F Bissoli (It) 1:05.09. 100m freestyle: J Gotz (Ger) 59.05. 200m backstroke: I Colaicomo (It) 2:18.04. 200m butterfly: 1 M Uhle (Ger) 2:19.28; 2 M Pedder (GB) 2:20.15. 400m individual medley: 1 M A Bardina (Sp) 5:01.26; 2 T Davies (GB) 5:02.80. 4x100m freestyle: 1 Germany 3:57.03; 2 GB 3:58.89. 4x200m freestyle: 1 Germany 8:32.55; 2 Spain 8:34.22; 3 GB 8:39.81.