Swimming: Use of creatine is denied by Heyns

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PENNY HEYNS, the South African swimmer, yesterday denied that her use of the controversial food supplement creatine was behind her nine world records in the past seven weeks.

"If creatine was the miracle wonder substance or whatever, then surely everybody else would be swimming better because I know everybody else is using it," Heyns said. "But no one is paying attention to that fact. Nobody has bothered to ask any other swimmers or athletes if they use creatine. Then," she asked, "on the other hand, would they be honest in view of the fact of what has been said in the media?"

Creatine, a performance- enhancing drug that builds muscle strength, does not appear on the International Olympic Committee list of banned substances but has been the subject of widespread controversy.

"Really, I just think the truth is people don't want to know. They don't like to hear that I give glory to the Lord. They don't like to know that is the reason for my performance," Heyns said. She is adamant that her success in the pool is solely down to a God-given talent. She raced to a new world record of 30.83sec in the 50 metres, 1:06.52 in 100m and 2:23.64 in 200m at the last Pan Pacific swimming championships in Sydney.

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