Symonds 'confused' about future

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Andrew Symonds, still to decide whether he wants to play for England or Australia, was criticised by his county yesterday after breaking an embargo not to talk to the press about his dilemma.

Gloucestershire had instructed the 20-year old Anglo-Aussie not to speak to the media until he had made a decision about his future. He has not been disciplined but told to go through the "proper channels".

Symonds, whom Gloucestershire and England expect to decide today, said: "I'm totally confused. Now I must try to sort out my future inside 48 hours. It's an impossible situation."

Gloucestershire's firm line, meanwhile, has left the Test and County Cricket Board willing to wait and see. Richard Little, the Board spokesman, confirmed that the official England tour invitations had not yet left Lord's - although they would be in the post by the end of the week..

Little said: "The Pakistan tour starts at the end of October. In theory he's got quite a bit of time, but hopefully he will give Gloucestershire his decision soon. We've definitely not given him any ultimatums."