Table Tennis: Germans overwhelm English

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LISA LOMAS and Andrea Holt had their chances but failed to upset the favourites Germany as England ended the first leg 4-1 behind in their first ever European League final at Crewe last night, writes James Leigh.

Lomas held game points in the first game of a 50-minute match against the European Top 12 champion, Jie Schopp, and also had moments when she looked capable of repeating her victory earlier this season against the European No 2, Nicole Struse. However, the England No 1 lost to both in straight games while Holt won the first game from Struse only to find herself outplayed in the next two.

Lomas and Holt were at their best in the doubles, beating Schopp and Olga Nemes 21-16, 21-13.