Tennis: Agassi wants go-slow

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ANDRE AGASSI, the 1992 Wimbledon champion, has called for wholesale changes to the game to make it more entertaining.

'Something needs to happen. The interest level seems to have dropped,' said Agassi who is now ranked No 20 in the world. 'Too many points are too short. It's boring. We're not seeing every element of the game. We're only seeing big serves and returns.'

Fundamental changes were suggested by the American, such as forcing players to use wooden rackets, moving the service area closer to the net and making faults of all serves over 115mph.

Agassi also blamed too many tournaments for the lack of matches between the tour's top players, saying that nearly two years had elapsed between his two most recent meetings with Boris Becker, at Wimbledon in 1992 and Key Biscayne earlier this year.