Tennis: Borg `received tax-free sum'

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A television documentary claims that the former Wimbledon champion Bjorn Borg received about pounds 327,000 tax free from the Swedish government to act as a tourism ambassador in the late 1980s.

The claim was disputed by the former Prime Minister, Ingvar Carlsson. "If this was so, it was something between the tourist board and Borg, not the government," he said.

The documentary, broadcast on Swedish national television on Monday, said the money was paid into Borg's accounts in the tax haven of Jersey.

The broadcast was the last of a three-part documentary examining Borg's career, including his troubled financial affairs.

Last week, the first segment of the documentary reported Borg had received about pounds 135,000 to play on Sweden's Davis Cup teams, even though players were expected to participate without payment.