Tennis: Wimbledon '92 / Quotes of the Day

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I never saw her play so well - everything was working. Sometimes I didn't know what to do, I tried and nothing happened. Gabriela Sabatini, on Graf.

Grunting or not, she is a great player. Martina Navratilova, on Seles.

Let me give you a little advice. Not on match point. Andre Agassi to umpire who had just over-ruled a linesman's call.

I probably could be arrested for some of the thoughts I had. Agassi reflects on the incident later.

It's been a big hump to get here. John McEnroe.

He plays the whole year not so great, and then he sees my face and he plays his best. He hit some shots that are not even in the book. I haven't seen anyone play from the back on grass like that. Boris Becker, on Agassi.

It's probably one of the greatest achievements of my career for sure. Agassi.

I do hope that next year I won't be grunting. I'm not doing it on purpose. After this tournament I'm going to practise to get rid of it. Monica Seles.

When it gets close she really gets loud. It can distract you. You hear a big grunt and then you expect a really hard ball but it just doesn't come and you suddenly find you are not in the right position. Steffi Graf.