Tennis /Wimbledon '93:: 'It's always hard to play a friend'

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My coach and I worked out that the key was to hold my serve because as the game wore on I would get a groove on his serve. I didn't think I would through two sets but from the third set I started returning better. Todd Martin reveals how he dealt with the Goran Ivanisevic service.

Goran dominated me in the first set and he dominated me in the second, but I got lucky and won the breaker. Martin.

I had the tough matches last week at Eastbourne. I don't have to play three sets to be tough. Martina Navratilova, unconcerned about the lack of pressure on her so far.

It has not entered my mind. I don't know whether I will feel the urge to play next year . . . but it's not important. Navratilova, answering questions as to whether this will be her last Wimbledon.

The problem was I couldn't hold my serve. If I could have held a few the result might have been different. Chris Wilkinson, after his defeat by Stefan Edberg.

I've played plenty of years here and the good signs are there. I am hitting some good shots and it's always good to sort of feel your way through the first week then start to pick up in the second week. Stefan Edberg.

It's just a pain in the butt having to move the chairs every time I come on court - it's like rearranging furniture. As for security, I've not changed anything. I just go by myself. I'm much more wary of signing autographs and getting crowded - nobody likes it when you get jostled about - but I've not had any added security. Navratilova, on Wimbledon's anti-stalker measures.

It was tough for me - it's always hard when you play a friend, and I wouldn't have wanted to win double bagel (6-0 6-0) against my doubles partner. Zina Garrison-Jackson, after beating Mary Joe Fernandez 6-0, 6-1.

I had one of those days but Zina played very well - and if I'm going to lose to anyone, I don't mind losing to her. Fernandez.