Tennis / Wimbledon '93: Quotes of the day

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Wimbledon this year has given me even more reason to believe in myself than last year. With the circumstances coming into it, I competed and beat a lot of great players and that means a lot to me. It helps me to believe that if I just had a little bit more I might have done it again. Andre Agassi after his five-set defeat to Pete Sampras.

It's always nice to have a close friend here to share in a victory or a defeat. Agassi on Barbra Streisand's Centre Court appearance.

After he broke me in the third set, I started thinking about my shoulder. I started sloping and hanging my head a little bit. But it was something I could play through and I just told myself to suck it up for the last set. It was more mental than anything. Pete Sampras.

When I take that cap off, I'm incognito. I have been really kind of nonchalant. Jim Courier on his blind- side run to the semi-finals.

Jim competes better than anyone out there. He gets himself out of some jams and plays well when he needs to. Todd Martin, Courier's latest victim.