Tennis: Wimbledon '93: Quotes of the day

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It doesn't all come down to me - I did my best but I lost. The others need our support now. I don't think I have anything to feel bad about - I was just beaten by the better player. Jeremy Bates in defeat.

I don't remember exactly what I called him, but I know I said he was gutless. I don't know which precise adjective I used in the same sentence. Patrick McEnroe, on his outbursts to the umpire during his defeat by Chris Bailey.

If he (the umpire) hasn't got the guts enough to say 'Warning, Mr McEnroe', he's going to get walked all over - and he was. He just sat there, and didn't say boo. Bailey.

They seem to get taller every year. A couple of years ago I seemed to be by far the tallest. Now I look up all the time. I would prefer if they didn't play as well as they do . . . they are giving me a hard time you know. Boris Becker on the growing number of tall Germans.

They were messing around, making a noise. Pete Sampras on his verbal volley at two watching Chelsea pensioners.