Tennis / Wimbledon '93: Quotes of the day

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Maybe I'm looking for money. Pete Sampras, on his habit of looking at the ground after every point.

Andre (Agassi) has this love affair with the crowd. I don't have to be on the front page of the papers here. He can have it all, the notoriety and the fame. It's not important to me. Sampras, on his low profile.

I wish she'd played better. Steffi Graf, after beating Helen Kelesi of Canada 6-0, 6-0.

I'll probably practise. I'll just play my tennis and go back to my room. Sampras on how he passes the time in London.

It's something nice to look forward too. Andrew Foster on his last-16 date with Sampras.

The nearest I've got to playing Stefan (Edberg) before was when I had a practice session with him at Riverside last year. We played one set but I can't remember what we did . . . actually, I can - but I'm not telling you. Chris Wilkinson.

I have never thought of myself as a heart-throb before, but I am unattached and open to offers. Chris Bailey.

I feel less pressure in the States. When I'm in Europe, Paris or London, I feel I'm recognised more. In the States, there are so many big athletes and tennis is really not as popular as it is in Europe. Going out to dinner in London or Paris is pretty difficult for me. They are always asking for autographs. Sampras.

I think I'm ready for him (Richard Krajicek) now. Andre Agassi.

The way I played at the end I'm not really ready. Richard Krajicek.