Tennis / Wimbledon '93: Quotes of the day

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Well, I don't show much emotion and, when I do, people are a bit surprised. Maybe it's good for me to show that little bit of fire. Pete Sampras, who meets Andre Agassi in today's quarter-finals, on being criticised after his on-court outburst in previous round.

Once she started rolling, I started missing shots here and there. She started getting aggressive and hitting great shots. Jennifer Capriati on defeat to Steffi Graf.

Maybe the earlier matches took a toll. When I was getting ready in the locker-room, I felt it then. Capriati.

Now that I've made it to the Centre Court in a semi-final, I'm looking forward to it so much. It's not going to be easy to handle that. Jana Novotna.

I'm playing as good tennis as I ever have. . . I'm just playing good tennis, period. My age doesn't count. Martina Navratilova.

I think the 28-year-old Martina would be surprised that the 36-year-old Martina is still out there. Navratilova.