Tennis / Wimbledon '93: Security breached by fan

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A YOUNG female fan breached Wimbledon's much-vaunted security on Centre Court yesterday to obtain Boris Becker's autograph at the conclusion of his quarter-final against Michael Stich.

Becker, who was happy to oblige, was more concerned by the rough treatment meted out to the teenager, who was escorted, somewhat heavy-handedly, from the court by a security guard.

Asked if he was surprised a fan could get so close to him following the stabbing of Monica Seles at a tournament in Hamburg 11 weeks' ago, Becker was unperturbed. 'The young girl was 14,' he said. 'I don't think that's a problem.'

The incident happened seconds after Becker's victory. As he prepared to leave the court, the girl leapt on to the playing surface and ran up to him. He stopped and signed her programme, also giving her a sweatband.

As he began to walk off, the boos of the crowd alerted Becker to the actions of the security guard and he turned to intervene. By this time the girl was in the tunnel being detained by security staff. Becker shrugged with annoyance and left the court to deafening cheers.