Tennis: Wimbledon '93 / Were you bored, then?: Has it been a boring Wimbledon? Or one of the better ones? Guy Hodgson sought the experts' views

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Boston Globe tennis correspondent

and NBC commentator

THE weather's been good and you could put Chris Gorringe and John Curry on Centre Court and it would be worth watching if it's sunny. It's been ironic that in their centenary championship the women's tournament has been as lifeless and flat as the Dead Sea. Even so it's been an above average Wimbledon because of some great men's matches. The best? Michael Chang versus David Wheaton.


Former player and

BBC commentator

THE men's event has been very exciting. Andre Agassi is such an asset to any event he competes in and his playing well created a colossal impact. He creates interest far beyond the normal confines of tennis watchers. The best match was Boris Becker v Michael Stich. The fourth and fifth sets in particular were outstanding for the creativity of shot and lack of errors. It was close to perfect tennis.


LTA press officer

WE are bound to take a parochial view and in British terms it has been a very good Wimbledon. It's very satisfying that we've had a man through to the fourth round for two years running but this time there has been the bonus of several players performing well: five men through to the second round, two into the third. The best match was Chris Bailey against Goran Ivanisevic. Five sets that are touch and go right to the end. That fits my idea of a great contest.


Tournament referee

IT'S been an above-par Wimbledon, lots of good matches and lovely weather. Everyone's walking round with a smile on their face. It's not finished yet but the most exciting match so far has been Becker against Stich. Becker seemed to be so much more focused than he had of late.


Executive director,

Radio Wimbledon

I'M not bubbly about the tennis. It's been very ordinary, particularly the women's event. The All England Club has been criticised for not paying equal prize money to women but this year they've done nothing to enhance their claims. The match I most enjoyed was Wilkinson against Edberg.


Chief executive

of the All England Club

DEFINITELY above par. We've had a good British presence which is very encouraging and exciting matches nearly every day. It's nice to have the four top seeds in the semi-finals, something that hasn't happened since 1927. As for the best match, I haven't seen any. Bailey-Ivanisevic sounded wonderful from the reports I've read.


Head groundsman

THE build-up was a bit of a problem as we had one of the wettest Mays ever. The staff worked their magic, however, and we've had one of the best prepared Centre Courts and good surfaces elsewhere. I've been too busy to watch the tennis so I couldn't tell you which was the best match.


BBC Deputy Head

of Television Sports

THE first rain-free Wimbledon in recent memory, and my 50-page list of standby items which would have been screened in the event of bad weather has remained unopened. It has been a good Wimbledon as far as we are concerned because the matches have sustained interest until 8pm. We have been fortunate that matches like Bailey v Ivanisevic and Becker v Stich have lasted into the evening.