Tennis: Wimbledon '94 / QUOTES OF THE DAY

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There was a moment there where everything just really clicked. Pete Sampras, on his victory over Michael Chang.

He can't cook. Chang, on being asked if Sampras had any weaknesses.

My tennis is getting better and better as the tournament goes on. I feel if I play at my best I'm very tough to beat. Sampras.

I'm disappointed with myself for not putting the matches away. But I'm not going to be tired when it comes to Friday. I'm going to be ready to play. Todd Martin looking forward to meeting Sampras in the semi-finals.

I wouldn't go as far as (calling it) cheating, but it's a bit disturbing. In every match, there is a little psychological war. Christian Bergstrom, after being distracted by a gesture from Boris Becker during a point.

It's an unfortunate play at set point. Afterwards, we might say, yes, we should have maybe played two (serves). But it was in the heat of the moment, it's hard to make a change then. Becker.

I've been doing the same kind of things for 10 years, all of a sudden, it's not supposed to be fair play. I'm within the rules. Everbody has ways of doing things on the court. Becker and the accusations of gamesmanship against him.

Maybe the main reason why they speak up is because they lost. Nobody's happy when they lose. This is no small tournament, where we go to have some fun. This is the most important tennis tournament for all the players in the world. Becker.