Andy Murray takes on the NBA Half Court challenge... but doesn't get close to Gareth Bale's record

VIDEO: Tennis shot had five attempts to hit a 47ft shot

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Tennis star Andy Murray was the latest sports star to take on the NBA's half court challenge - five shots from 47ft.

Tottenham and Chelsea stars and Real Madrid's Gareth Bale have all taken the challenge before, with the Real Madrid star smashing the competition by sinking three of his five attempts.

Murray had a lot to live up to following on from the Welshman but despite coming close with several of his shots, was unable to make one.

"I enjoyed doing it, it’s frustrating because even when you feel like you’ve hit a good one it’s always coming up just a few inches to the left or a little bit short," said the Scot. "I tried my best and unfortunately couldn’t make one, but it was good fun."

Murray also picked his perfect five-man basketball team made up of tennis players.

"Centre I would have Ivo Karlovic, he’s 6ft 11in so he’d obviously be good there, then John Isner would be power forward, he’s 6ft 10in so those two could take up the big guys positions. Point guard is a tricky question, I’d need a short guy who’s extremely quick. Nadal would probably be good at that, he’s a pretty skilful, pretty fast guy.

"I’ve got to have Roger Federer in my team somewhere, he can be the shooting guard, just because…. He’d probably have a very nice looking shot, I would imagine. Small forward, I’ll put myself in there, I probably wouldn’t contribute much to the team, but I’ll stick myself in there, why not."

Murray also revealed that he is a fan of the sport - the NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers is currently tied at 1-1, with Game 3 to take place on Tuesday night.

"Well I never played when I was growing up, didn’t have any basketball in school where I was in Scotland, but when I started spending a lot of time over in America, when I was 19/20, I started to go along to a lot of the Miami Heat games.

"The first basketball game I went to was Golden State Warriors against the Chicago Bulls, one of my first coaches was a Warriors fan and I went along to watch them, so I’ve always followed the Warriors and the Heat for the last six or seven years."