Kim Sears 'swearing' outburst threatens to overshadow Andy Murray's Australian Open semi-final win

Ms Sears appeared less than impressed with her fiance's opponent - and the decision of broadcasters to split-screen her and Ester Satorova

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Andy Murray is through to the final of the Australian Open after a hard-fought victory over world No 7 Tomas Berdych - but that wasn't the take-home message for many people from today's match.

Twitter users have reacted with a mix of surprise and admiration to video footage that appears to show Murray's fiancee Kim Sears directing an expletive-laden outburst at his Czech opponent.

It has been observed that Ms Sears' behaviour off the court matches her partner's on it - or as journalist and prime Vine creator (see footage below) Richard Osley put it: “Andy Murray and his girlfriend look like they love a good swear.”

Meanwhile, though most Tennis fans tuned in to watch Andy Murray battle through to a 6-7/6-0/6-3/7-5 victory and another Grand Slam final, ESPN seemed to think a very different match was going on.

Both Ms Sears and Berdych’s fiancee Ester Satorova were wearing diamond engagement rings in the stands – a coincidence described by Mail  this week as a “showdown”.

And while an engrossing bout developed on court, ESPN footage showed a split-screen of the two women “sporting” their jewellery.

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The broadcaster even provided some “statistics” to go along with the shot, that appeared to describe the women themselves as worth “4.7 carats ($379,460)” and “5.3 carats ($341,514)” respectively.

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Responding to the coverage on Twitter, one user asked “why we need to know” this information, while Laura Costa wrote: “So Tomas Berdych's fiancee has the bigger ring but Andy Murray paid more for his fiancee's ring. #thingsthatmatter.”

Ipek Sezer wrote: “We said Murray vs. Berdych, ESPN said Kim Sears vs. Ester Satorova.”


Other broadcasters got in on the action, with Fox News’ Bridget Tilley writing: “No one does stats like ESPN,” and Yahoo Entertainment’s Matt Whitfield saying: “Keep it classy, ESPN!”

According to some reports, Ms Sears appeared to respond to being shown on a split-screen with Ms Satorova by declaring: “Oh for f**** sake.”