Australian Open 2015: 'Explicit' Kim Sears has humour off to a T

'I saw that she bought it yesterday,' fiancé Andy Murray said

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Kim Sears, Andy Murray’s fiancée, proved she has a sense of humour when she watched the Australian Open final in Melbourne yesterday wearing a T-shirt which read “Parental Advisory: Explicit Content”. She had attracted worldwide attention when television cameras appeared to catch her swearing during Murray’s semi-final victory over Tomas Berdych.

Murray said after the match that he did not know she had been wearing the T-shirt.

“I saw that she bought it yesterday when she went out shopping,” he said.

“She said she walked past it and said she had to buy it. But I didn’t know if she was going to wear the shirt today or not. She wasn’t wearing it when I left the hotel. It was a funny shirt.”

Both the #kimsears and #kimswears hashtags were trending yesterday, just as they had done after her rant at Berdych.


The BritishTennis account tweeted: “We think #kimsears just won the #AustralianOpen.”

The official Twitter account of the tournament, @AustralianOpen, replied to that message, saying: “Unofficially, we would have to agree with that! #ausopen.”