Court Report: After Olympic gold, Murray moves into the realm of fantasy


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Neither his Olympic gold medal nor any of his Masters Series prizeware takes pride of place in Andy Murray's trophy cupboard.

That honour goes to the fantasy football trophy he won last season, having fought off competition from the likes of his brother, Jamie, and Davis Cup team-mate Colin Fleming. "It's in front of all my tennis trophies," Murray told The New York Times.

The world No 4 admitted is not averse to using insider information. After watching Tottenham play Arsenal, Murray met Michael Dawson, who was in his fantasy team. "He was out with an injury, so I was just asking him how long he was going to be out for," Murray said.

"He said I should drop him. He was going to be out for a while. I do ask around a couple of the footballers that I know. I do ask around for advice on transfers, who's going where and stuff."

Marika lends Andy a hand

Murray has another Lendl in his camp. Marika, one of Ivan's five daughters, was in the Scot's player box for his victory over Ivan Dodig. "They live in Connecticut, which is a couple of hours' drive, so I think she'll come for a few of the matches," Murray said. "She was also in Brisbane for a few days. She was at the Miami tournament and then one of his other daughters came to Cincinnati as well. I think they just come to keep him company."

There once was a girlfriend...

For months Maria Sharapova has been denying reports that she would marry her long-time boyfriend, the basketball player Sasha Vujacic, before the end of the year. What nobody asked was whether they were still an item. Finally, however, Sharapova has revealed that the couple split months ago.

"I was waiting for someone to actually ask me that question, but nobody did directly," she said. "I never announced when we were together and never announced that we were engaged. I never have in any of my previous relationships."

Sharapova explained that their schedules made it difficult to spend much time together, "but we have a tremendous respect for each other".

Laura's net chords

Concentration isn't easy in Arthur Ashe Stadium, especially when music blasts out at the changeovers. Laura Robson admitted after beating Kim Clijsters: "I was just trying not to sing at the change of ends. I managed to sing along once to the Taylor Swift song. I couldn't help myself." Was Murray tempted to sing along? "No, I try not to," he said. Probably just as well, since he admitted his singing was "awful, awful".

Roddick is a jolly Roger

Andy Roddick's relationship with journalists can be prickly, but we will miss him. The 30 year-old's announcement of his retirement contained his usual quick wit.

Considering Roger Federer is nearly the same age (31), was he retiring early? "I didn't want to make it through this press conference without a direct comparison to Roger, so thank you for that." When he sees his 2003 US Open trophy at his home, what goes through his mind? "Honestly, I don't see it very often. It's in a study. We all know I don't go there very much."

Wozniacki going under

Caroline Wozniacki is launching her own line of underwear called "This is Me". Rumours that the Dane has been playing pants in order to coincide with the venture have not been confirmed. After losing in the first round here she is expected to drop out of the world's top 10 for the first time in more than three years.