Court Report: Ivanisevic throws in the towel


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Goran Ivanisevic blames Greg Rusedski. "It was his fault," the 2001 Wimbledon champion said. "He was the first person to do this on the Tour." The object of Ivanisevic's ire? Towels – or more specifically the amount of time players waste by using them. "They take towels after every point," Ivanisevic said. "They hit a forehand – towel. They hit a backhand – towel. They hit a smash – towel. It's disgusting. They should restrict how many times they can use them – maybe three times per game."

Bollettieri's love match

Nick Bollettieri has been a big hit on BBC Radio 5 Live. On one of his Wimbledon walkabouts a woman approached waving a piece of paper. "Hey Nick, I'm not married," she said. "Here's my phone number." Bollettieri, happily married to Cindi, smiled sweetly and let a BBC assistant deal with his admirer.

Straight to the point

Award for the shortest press conference so far goes to Camila Giorgi. The Italian was asked one question – about her next opponent, Agnieszka Radwanska. "Yeah, it will be interesting match," Giorgi said.

Watching and waiting

Eddie Seaward, standing down this summer after 23 years as Wimbledon's head groundsman, has a shocking admission to make. "I have not watched a match right the way through since I came here," he said.

Rufus takes flight

Wimbledon's highest flier has gone missing. Rufus, a hawk used to scare away pigeons at the All England Club, was stolen, along with his cage, from a car on Thursday night. The owners of the family pet had left a rear window open for ventilation.

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