French Open 2014: Maria Sharapova focus turns from Paris victory to Wimbledon


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Perfection is boring. That was the view of Maria Sharapova here on Saturday evening as the 27-year-old Russian reflected on her achievement in winning the French Open title for a second time.

“If you think you’re perfect then life gets boring and you think very boring thoughts about yourself,” Sharapova said in the wake of her 6-4, 6-7, 6-4 victory over Simona Halep. “I always want to improve and be better. Yes, I just won the French Open but tomorrow – or even today – everyone is working on the grass. I’ll be there next week and I’ll be working just as hard to try to win another Wimbledon.”

Sharapova’s relentless pursuit of excellence was typified last year, when she worked tirelessly on her comeback after a shoulder problem kept her out for six months. Having made an earlier comeback after an even longer absence following surgery in 2008, Sharapova knew what it would take to return to the top.

“I learned a little bit about patience,” she said. “Obviously it’s much easier not to have to come back from surgery. I found myself travelling around Europe, trying to find the right treatment and the right specialist that could help me strengthen my shoulder. While you’re doing that, everyone else is playing tournaments and getting better.”


She added: “I’m very loose-jointed and when I don’t do those exercises – which are the most boring thing in the world – it can cause your shoulder to be weak.”

Sharapova will move up three places to No 5 in today’s updated world rankings. With 10 clay-court titles, she needs only one more to equal Serena Williams, who holds the record among current players. For now, however, Sharapova will look to celebrate the 10th anniversary of her Wimbledon victory with another triumph at the All England Club.